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Cavalier Communications, Inc., is a small business, and was incorporated in the State of Virginia in June 1987. Cavalier’s primary business thrust is the development of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS), PC based solutions for the U.S. Government communication requirements. Products developed by Cavalier are designed to automate the message handling functions for both the general service military and the intelligence community. Typical end users of Cavalier state-of-the-art products include the soldiers on the battlefield, fixed worldwide military installations and defense contractor facilities.

Primarily, revenues are generated through the sale of new product licenses and from annual software support of the installed user base. Additionally, Cavalier performs contract programming services to add specific capabilities to its baseline products, formal training for the various product offerings, and on-site integration support for systems users.

The initial product offerings from Cavalier included several PC based, message handling systems that were designed to provide specific services for various user groups. The early products operated in the DOS environment and were somewhat constrained by early PC technology. The latest offering, the Multifunctional Secure Gateway (MSG) is a full featured store-and-forward message switching system that operates under the Windows NT operating system. The MSG provides a wide assortment of automated functions for a broad spectrum of message handling users.