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  1. The MSG is a Windows NT C2 product developed as a replacement for Com-Center equipment that supports message delivery directly to and from the desktop. It serves as a tributary station, a AFAMPE/AQMME, a store and forward message switch or a combination of the aforementioned.
  • The CBT and SAT are DOS based products developed for Com-Center environments. Message delivery is to a printer or floppy disk for over the counter service.
  1. The GENSER MSG is certified as Multi Level Secure for message distribution.
  2. The MSG maintains a CRC on all message files and in conjunction with the Windows NT file system provides a level of security not obtained by DOS based systems.
  • The DOS file system (FAT) is subject to errors when power failures or other system anomalies occur. Cross linking of files can result from this thereby creating security hazards such as message interlacing.
  1. The MSG supports up to 64 serial communications ports that can be configured online independently with various protocols (i.e. MODE-1, MODE II, GENERIC GATEWAY, ETC.). In conjunction with the 64 serial ports the MSG has 128 auto answer STU-III queues. Support for up to eight connections to E-mail servers allowing for delivery based upon classification and/or community. User defined queues for over the counter delivery.
  2. The MSG supports dual homing.
  • The CBT and SAT has a single port connection to an ASC or equivalent.
  1. The MSG has extensive routing capabilities (RI, PLA, Office Symbol, Keywords, etc.).
  2. The MSG has "Dirty Word" security filters based on message content to ensure messages are not delivered to devices which are not allowed to receive the "Dirty Word."
  3. The MSG can process messages directly to/from the desktop via E-mail.
  4. The MSG can deliver messages by network connection to host computers for dissemination.
  5. The MSG provides for message acknowledgements (message received, message queued for transmission, message sent) to E-mail clients and other network connections (AMHS etc.).
  6. The MSG is certified as a DSSCS only, GENSER only or consolidated DSSCS/GENSER system eliminating the need for two CBT’s or SAT’s.
  • The CBT and SAT are single community (DSSCS or GENSER).
  1. The MSG allows for online configuration of devices and online modification of routing tables.
  2. The MSG will concatenate sectioned messages for delivery.
  3. The MSG provides for splitting of dual precendence messages to prevent alarms to low precedence INFO addresses.