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The CBT system includes all of the systems software required for a turnkey backside Generic Gateway terminal. The turnkey CBT system includes not only the online operating software, but also all of the system operating instructions and utility software required to install and operate the system. Examples of utility software include the Plain Language

Address (PLA)/Routing Indicator (RI) table maintenance utilities and the CBT system SETUP utility.

The SETUP utility offers an example of the system flexibility afforded by the CBT system. The SETUP utility allows each operating site to establish the precise equipment configuration, circuit class marking, and operating parameters that are unique to its operation. These site-unique selections are made during the initial site installation and are subsequently accessed by the online operating software to determine the desired online system operating behavior.

Another example of system flexibility inherent to the CBT system design is that all system functionality is distributed in the form of software. Even the link-level protocol executing on the Intelligent Communications Controller is downloaded to the controller when the system is loaded. This total software approach combats hardware obsolescence and allows the CBT system to satisfy the variety of protocols required today as well as to readily adapt to the protocols planned for the future.