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The CBT operating software includes the Generic Gateway link-level protocol that is downloaded to the Intelligent Communications Controller, as well as all of the communication-related software residing in the PC that is required for operation with the CSP. The operating software provides for concurrent message transmission and reception along with message creation/modification. The following items highlight the CBT software features and capabilities.

User Interface

  • -Multiple virtual screens for operator convenience
  • -State-of-the-art pop-up menus with menu bar
  • -Operator prompts and advisory messages
  • -Minimal operator training required
  • -Communications Status Display
  • -Generic Gateway protocol status display
  • -Julian date and Greenwich time
  • -Statistics of messages transmitted/received
  • -Current hard disk utilization display
  • -Message Transmission
  • -Format Line 2 header validation
  • -Automatic OSSN update and insertion
  • -Message archive and audit trail
  • -First-in-first-out by precedence with FLASH override

Message Reception

  • -Classification, precedence, and time of receipt on printed copy
  • -Message archive and audit trail
  • -Messages spooled to printer to avoid reception delays

Message Entry and Edit

  • -Message entry via diskette
  • -Message entry via keyboard
  • -Automated message entry forms (DD173 and JANAP 128)
  • -Pre-entered fields to reduce keystrokes
  • -Comprehensive field validation

Fully Automatic Message Format Conversion

  • -DD173 to either JANAP 128 or DOI-103
  • -Paging and sectioning
  • -Generation and insertion of TRC and TCC values
  • -PLA/RI conversion based on DOI-102 or ACP 117
  • -AIG/DAG handling with XMT/LESS exclusions
  • -Multiple message generations due to excessive number of either RIs or NATO destinations.

OCR Message Entry

  • -Classification verification of page(s) of message
  • -Reordering of pages found out of sequence
  • -Minimum formatting required by operator