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The (CBT) system was designed and developed by Cavalier Communications, Inc., to provide both a high performance and a low-cost, state-of-the-art Automatic Digital Network (AUTODIN) terminal that is connected to AUTODIN via a backside link on the CSP. The CBT system automates message handling for both the General Service (GENSER) and Defense Special Security Communications System (DSSCS) communities.

Designed to operate on the industry-standard PC-compatible hardware suite using the DOS operating system, the CBT system enables the Government to take full advantage of today’s competitively priced, industry-standard components while providing an automated AUTODIN terminal system. Many automated functions have been incorporated into the CBT system design and serve to both reduce the message writer-to-reader processing time and minimize the training time required for a CBT system operator. Examples of the automated functions provided include the following:

  • Forms entry processes to simplify online message entry
  • Comprehensive field and message validation accompanied by easy-to-understand operator prompts
  • Fully automatic DD173-to-JANAP 128/DOI-103 message conversion
  • Internal processing of messages based upon message priority
  • Automatic FLASH or EMERGENCY message override
  • A message Audit log
  • Archival copies of all messages transmitted and received.